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Welcome to Allum Digital, my name is Gergő Gyula, I'm a freelance software and system developer from Hungary. I've created my business in order to find effective and user-friendly software solutions to actual and everyday problems that you or your company are facing with. I have been dealing with information technology and its adaptation for more than 25 years.

If it takes too much time for you to handle the daily tasks, and you're thinking about how to automate somehow these operations, you probably found me not by an accident. Table templates, copy+paste, endless Excel spreadsheets, creating charts, transferring data from one system to another... Would it be good to have it done by a program or macro, with just a few clicks? Filling in web forms, automating clicks, retrieving information from websites (such as Wikipedia, stock market portals, etc.)? Developing large databases in which the stored information is sorted in proper order, and you can retrieve records, tables, and charts with various queries? Or, writing a special software for a database, which handles these data using an easy-to-understand interface?

If you're thinking about system development or automation, draw on my knowledge, let's design the expected functioning together, and let the implementation to me, whether it comes to business administration, stock inventory, GIS, or a specialized software used in a scientific area.

I like challenges, but most of all the solutions, for me this is the motivation, the driving force. Contact me and we will surely find answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems together. Become a partner of Allum Digital, let's work on serious, responsible tasks on a long term!

Yours sincerely,

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          Gergő Gyula

  • Services

    Designing, implementing and documenting softwares and databases related to custom systems

    Automation and development of any software having a public type-component-object library (Microsoft Office, ArcGIS, GeoMedia, AutoCAD etc.)

    Implementing custom software based on a system plan

    Participation in teamwork, outwork (only home office)

    Error detection and correction (debugging) in third party source codes

  • Services

    Creating extensions, add-ins and plug-ins, custom toolbars and ribbons

    Data exchange between Office applications, automatic import, export, process, save, convert

    Processing outputs of other software, connecting these with Office applications

    Batch data processing, sorting and saving documents, e-mails, attachments with the same or similar structure, filling in, printing and sending out templates

  • Services

    Automatic e-mail reply on a specific content or attachment

    Creating Excel charts from data series, exporting these to jpeg/png format

    Real time data in Excel: connecting with Access, MSSQL, MySQL, or text files

  • Services

    Writing SQL queries

    Web crawler, getting and managing text or tables from web sites

    Programming forex trading robots (EA) in MQL

    Batch scripts with various tasks (running SQL, VBScript, developing and running Python and Rexx scripts (connecting these with triggers), logging the results

    Automatic searching, highlighting, sorting and data collecting in text files and Office files

  • Services

    Further processing of the outputs of data logger instruments, integration to any other publicly known data format or database (text, XML, Excel, Access, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.)

    Creating any searching, collecting, highlighting, sorting and processing task related to files and directories, moving these with proper algorithm

    Creating reports to Excel, Word and Outlook applications, or to any other publicly known format

Technologies used

Desktop applications, scripts




Delphi (Delphi 6-7, Embarcadero)


Web implementations




JavaScript, jQuery



Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)



Microsoft Access




3/11., 3. Csengő str., Debrecen 4029, Hungary

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